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Renovated three bedroom problems related

Bedroom, as we live in the most important places on the role of, and it is also home to the most important functions. Whether it is a large House, or small house, bedroom is decorated the same essential content. Based on the particularities of the bedroom, its decoration also has some general requirements:  

, and   of privacy. The privacy of the bedroom features two parts:

1,   not visible privacy. This requires it to have more strict conservation measures, including the strict degree of tightness of doors and curtains.

1)   doors the material should be thick, not directly use 3 or 5 per cent of the plates closed, if by 5 per cent, should be on the Board and then post a 3 layer panel.

2)   door lower ground around 0.3-0.5cm.

3)   curtain thick and cloth should be used, if it is a thin curtain, should also be a screen layer.   This is also enabling to reduce the interference of light sleep.

2,   not listen to privacy. This requires the bedroom to have a certain degree of sound insulation capability. In General, now the wall of noise is sufficient, but there are some owners based on space issues, like wall between the two houses destroyed, and then make a two-way or one-way wardrobe, which need attention.

Second, the   color. Bedroom decoration, due to differences in living subjects, color is not the same.

1)   master bedroom   melody should be mainly warm, surface should be treated with wood floors. Does not exclude specific styles under the same aesthetic color schemes on both sides is possible.

2)   bedroom   also should be mainly warm, second bedroom was was elderly living in General, decoration, taking into account the mobility of the elderly problem.

3)   kids room   should be treated with some of the more lively colors. Boys room is the color scheme used the more common blues, girl room pink or beige key. Can also be used with wallpaper patterned with cartoon animals or flowers and plants. Kids room may also place some more toys. Children can use wood floor, the children touched on all fours and did not make the catch. If there are no conditions set the wooden floor, you can also use the pads for children, the most colorful of rubber, some puzzle patterns or letters.

4)   babysitter   generally do not need to do a lot of decorating, wall to the top.

third, the   lighting. Bedroom lighting not asking a lot, but is in need of attention: the lighting of the bedroom should not be shot down, to use as the top light. But according to top if using white light, the light may cause the upper top surface yellowing phenomenon (it is baked). If the light fixtures are not at the top, but on the wall, this limit can be avoided