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Clever use of color in 8 groups of bedrooms match programme

Everyone has a different personality, but these characters have their color property, bright yellow, vivid orange and blue as blue, as sweet as pink, color piecing together our life scenario, expression of one's attitude towards life. Today small series for the netizens to interpret color personality, clever use of interior color and bedroom space, 8 ways to teach you how to create your own colorful bedroom.

"reading a artificial heat red"

Tips: love Red value personal praise, so when there is reason to do so is to do it. Red is also the "social butterfly", so to be flying everywhere and their preparation. They are more like a very strong expression, stimulate dialogue, jokes and lively and enjoyable is their unique labels.  

       matching bright red in the bedroom is a good choice, it can easily make your bedroom interior space of a point. But don't blindly red Visual impact, so as to avoid visual fatigue. So we can properly use white or light blue weakened red heat, in the summer, like this mainly to blue-and-white, Red theme ornament is the best match.

recommended objects: honeymoon couple

"interpretation of two light grey"

Tips: grey, than without and white purity, without black holes, it was a little lonely, a little Ethereal, elusive for you and I. Running between black and white people, they are both simple and fickle.

       master of this bedrooms is very grey, he used large areas of gray, from the wall to the floor, from the curtains to sheets, can be said to be a real "grey". Grey here using intuitive showing bedroom Yazhi introverted character expressions, and sweet pink to adorn the entire grey space, won't make the bedroom look so dull and is the crowning touch. In addition, sheets used plush fabrics, which greatly improves the taste of bedrooms index.

recommended objects: quality control

"Brown read three belonging to the Earth"

Tips: people who like Brown is simple, natural and innocent life, they have a mature and rational psychology, working down to Earth, best suited to sepia tone.

       create a Brown theme bedroom, to pay more attention to the details match, plain brown more suitable for traditional wooden bed with solid wood floors together, forming earth tones natural style. In addition, placing some pieces of antique furniture, such as retro lamps, and decorative painting, all sense of nostalgia the best accessories to upgrade. Last small make up tips, Brown theme bedrooms main color can be a neutral color, bright lines simply put is the best option.

recommended objects: persons with a strong nostalgic

"reading four quiet and refreshing blue"

Tips: typical blue character of the people, their calm, loving thoughts, concerned about security, everything to pursue is correct, is a typical perfectionist.

        light blue and plain Navy match, is that more and more young people in recent years, big love, from clothing is to home, blowing the whole summer was a breath of fresh Ocean air. Bedroom color design, particularly suitable for building boys children bedroom space, white furniture and blue walls and carpet laying, simple color matching game, moments of naughty boys will be the room bright. In addition, in a small apartment in the attic, place a piece of double bed does not take up too much space, is also a good mix of children bedroom option.

recommended objects: Naughty kids

"reading five sunny yellow candy"

Tips: who loves yellow, love life, they love a sunny State of life, even in a weak rainy days, he could be like the magician-like, out of a pile of candy, always cheerful pleasant mood.