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6 major specialty of drapery

With the improvement of people's living standards and tastes change, focus more on House decoration, reflects personality, "people-oriented, simple application" became the mainstream of design style. Reducing the use of hard decorative, increasing the consumption of soft furnishings, soft furnishings have been more and more integrated into people's lives. Why are soft furnishings so popular? Following its 6 advantage.  


thin: flooring, from less space, floor load reduction point of view should be as thin as possible, such as the marble slab, as long as the construction of high quality, do not receive the "hollow", and then select 6-8 mm thick can be. Curtains: thin curtains are very popular. The reason for this is the top floor should not be too concerned outsiders view; second, aluminum window sealed good, shower curtains with decorative, supplemented by wind. The principle of thin ceiling, can increase the safety factor and less space.  


thickness: "soft furnishings", thicker materials are substantial, such as bed cover sofa cushions, cushions, etc; it was also reduces bed height, with new and old Spring mattress overlay, highlighting the comfort and warmth of the bed. High space, build a thicker "platform", to express the sense of space and culture, giving a "Chinoiserie" atmosphere and enjoyment.  


: for indoor low light problems, enhance transparency between the various rooms, each other "excuse me", such as the room doors, partition walls and glass decoration. Furniture facades are best installed glass, so eye can penetrate, enhance the sense of the depth of the space.  


leak: there are "leaky Eagle" of furniture, ceiling, Dado, and so on. Ceilings and lighting concealed in the roof glass ornaments, light leaks, which can increase the House of mystery, improve the decoration grade.  


skinny: now home space is like a "low fat", it is better to wear in the decoration of "vertical bar vest", using fine or clear the vertical color bar furniture, as well as choosing a vertical line of upholstery fabrics, curtains, longitudinal structure can be highlighted.  


wrinkle: home decorative, security first, as home in the has elderly, and children is ground material should preferred has "wrinkles" of "anti-sliding type", second, smooth type of furniture, and decorative material reflective sex strong, easy makes eyes and psychological produced fatigue, and with "crease" of surface "rough" some of instead has texture and simple, and efforts of beauty, and also has absorption noise of function.