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Summer decorating indoor pollution worse

Indoor pollutants include formaldehyde, benzene, total volatile organic compounds, such as ammonia, radon, are the first three kinds of organic pollutants.

     methods for determination of formaldehyde with spectrophotometry and gas chromatography, State standards method is phenol reagent spectrophotometer method, acetylacetone spectrophotometry, gas chromatography.

method of measuring benzene by gas chromatography

     total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), main interior building materials, paint and other volatile out, smoking and cooking, too, due to the substances contained in species not all qualitative, toluene is not qualitative, mainly determined by gas chromatography.

because the content of organic pollutants in indoor air in the air is relatively low, collecting air samples, concentration absorption method should be used.



summer decorating indoor pollution worse

summer's hot weather, ultraviolet radiation, and children's outdoor activities in addition to holiday with their parents, but most of the time indoors. Modern indoor air pollution levels several times higher than outdoor! Is particularly bad, often in the indoor and indoor air pollution that children, pregnant women, the elderly and the chronically ill, especially children, are more vulnerable than adults to indoor air pollution hazards

on one hand, because children's bodies are growing, breathing capacity by 50% higher body weight than adults. The other hand, 80% per cent of children living in the Interior.

     children room in the easy caused indoor air pollution of roots has: indoor building and decoration produced of toxic harmful gas, as ammonia, and benzene, and formaldehyde,; children room in the of decorative and device, as carpet, and bed and various decorative real; children of various toy caused of pollution, hair velvet toy in the of dust mites pollution, and wood business toy Shang paint of lead pollution, and plastic toy of volatile sex material,; kindergarten and school in the, classroom in children too intensive, Each child takes up space is too small, easily to indoor air pollution.

      the World Health Organization announced that 100,000 people around the world every year die because of indoor air pollution to asthma, and 35% for children.

     experts point out that, outside of may cause leukemia, formaldehyde can also cause miscarriage in pregnant women, children with asthma and other diseases. Meanwhile, concentrations of formaldehyde volatilization cycle and depending on the air temperature and humidity changes. Hot weather, formaldehyde emissions than usual between 20% and 30%.

How to protect children from unhealthy indoor air pollution?

      indoor environment detection center of experts proposed following recommends: to strengthening children room of ventilation ventilation, according to indoor environment experts test, children each hours by needed fresh air about 15 cubic metres, General family in the, children room corresponding small some, kindergarten and school in the, children and compared concentrated, is easy caused air pollution, if each children accounted for classroom space for 5 cubic metres, is each hours need ventilation 3 times, And children live, play, and easily to indoor air pollution.


1, in the outdoor air quality is better when to lead children to do some outdoor activities, while studying in the indoor activities, often opening Windows for ventilation;

2, when using the air conditioner should be placed in a basin of water, increase indoor humidity conditions of families, you can place the humidifier, maintain indoor humidity is 40%-65%. Because dry air is easy to rob the body of water, dry skin, nasal mucosa irritation, likely to cause respiratory diseases;

3, air conditioning is semi-closed, air mobility, air quality is difficult to ensure, in particular for road and car exhaust and whisk dirty room, or newly renovated rooms, ventilation alone will not solve the problem. Then several air purification methods should be taken, such as placing spider plants, indoor plants such as Aloe Vera, or place devoted to decoration pollution "decorated guards" and other air purification equipment. Buy air purification devices, high-density filter materials should be selected for major brands.

4, to strengthen the children's life and environment indoor air quality testing, especially for those new or newly renovated homes, kindergartens and schools, in front of the children, indoor professional indoor air quality test, listen to professional advice, available.

nine easy to remind you that using an Air Purifier, should relate to the area choose the right power models, to achieve the best cleaning effect; after a year of use, with special cleaning fluid to clean the product, to ensure good sterilization effectiveness.