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Villas less regret decoration tips Starcom

Decoration tips how to get Villa decoration less regret? Villa is different from the apartment, is "House" Villa decoration, design is not simple a few types of stacking can be done, in the process of implementing, involves a very wide, very wide. For example: it includes not only the traditional wood, mud, paint production, hydropower production, and environmental systems, water systems, intelligent network system, geothermal heating system ... ... A highly professional, more refined parts: design is more than just decoration, it can be subdivided the decoration design, electricity, design, intelligent design, decorative design, structural design, and so on. Villa decoration is a large system, it could not rely on a single traditional decoration organization to deal with it. &Nbsp;

How to get Villa decoration less regret? From practical experience, we feel that Villa decoration design to multiple select, specifically to determine the six-coordinate, will it be possible to finally set up Villa works.

Villa decoration, competitively selected decoration companies highly professional, customers are not very understanding, the design resources, design competitive bidding to select the decoration company, customers select from selected designs that best reflect their comprehensive needs

Chengdu decoration company in Ruili decoration company that only more options to find the right thing. In the process of with many competing home improvement companies, under the premise of our designers at a reasonable cost in addition to satisfying customers ' design style and function requirements, must also meet the special requirements of customers. For example, we found that there are quite a number of high-end customers are residential Feng Shui requirements, toward the gate of a House, entrance, ground grain to pay attention; accessories to put what? How to put it? Scattered about; the location of the bed in the bedroom, green placing what taboo? …… This design will bring a certain degree of difficulty. But we still think that: handed down 5,000 years of culture has its way, you want to spent nearly 2/3 time in living space, moderately consider taboo about, is able to understand and satisfy.

in addition to good design, construction design also is affecting an important part in homes for generations. In General bedroom of decoration in the, hydropower design compared simple, but for Villa for, due to area big, space staggered complex, that will note light, and auxiliary light, and art points source of reasonable configuration, plus strong electric, and weak two system of coordination and unified consider, and lighting degrees of calculation and so on, these professional configuration and design, must to from high professional standard to design and construction, to ensure foolproof. In addition, the Villa of our clients, in Villa construction Designer, early involvement of housing structure, increase the usable floor area redesign, knocking back to solid to avoid unnecessary trouble, make the House more reasonable, also strengthened the waterproof and moisture-proof considerations.

Second, select "manage" Villa decoration decoration company covers a wide range, associated professional construction of not less than 10, most of the time in 4-5 months, and especially the importance of process management

in this process, if there is a strong foresight and coordination management company for the design, construction (including all kinds of facilities and equipment installed), effective supervision of participating institutions, the system of coordination and organization, will greatly reduce the likelihood of a variety of construction issues.

third, election supervision mechanism complete Villa decoration organization renovation process is the process of dialogue between the professional and professional

this process will produce a lot of problems, what is right or wrong, this requires a fair, objective monitoring mechanism, first project management company. A value millions of Shang do of Villa, it of decoration amount value hundreds of thousands of even millions of, involved aspects many, if quality just by internal personnel and no third party of objective supervision, is very not science of; in construction process in the each single, and points items test, and material test first by Engineering Management Department for test, again by third party supervision company for test and issued test report, on not qualified items take a votes rejected business. Fact, only through true separation of the design, construction, supervision, and form a mutual monitoring mechanism, any one has the right to use administrative means to suppress each other, in order to improve the construction process to ensure quality of the renovation process.

four, select pre-sale, during and after the perfect service facilities

Villa decoration will involve many facilities equipment purchase and installation, such as central air conditioning, heat, air, intelligent networks. We assessed by our qualified supplier for facilities and equipment suppliers have been long-term friendly cooperation, to the characteristics of its products, Enterprise, corporate reputation for periodic surveys, especially in terms of programme delivery, installation, after-sales service more stressed. As a customer, cannot, of course, from a professional point of view to choose equipment for these facilities, customers choose one of our Peach Garden a central air conditioning, at the time of installation, management company and source of customer service officers found customers in choosing this device is not considered and lack of skill matching problem, immediately inform the customer time to stop the occurrence of adverse events.

five indoor and outdoor gardening, choose professional Villa design

generally, Villa customer will purchase around regional of green zone, but on family green of understanding often only limited to green grass and indoor pot; actually green in whole building Villa in the should nowhere is not, balcony, and roof, and window, and atrium, and what of environment species which class plant, indoor green of placed and type select of about and so on, this is why need a professional of gardening design for of service of reason.

six, selecting high quality home furnishings design and planning agency "decoration" after "must not be" decorative "

success of "decorative" really can be described as is has finishing touch of effect, seems inadvertently in the of a bottle a tank, and a spent a grass, and a painting a plug, are and around of environment harmony, harmony resonance; including bedding, and furniture, and curtains, and pendulum ornaments, and tableware and personal jewelry, in designer of decorative guide Xia, completed real meaning Shang of "Villa decoration decorative" engineering.