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Ten misunderstandings in the small apartment carefully decorated design

1, is not comprehensive enough weak current layout  

small apartment rooms are small, but perfectly formed. And because the occupants are mostly young people, high dependence on computer networks, life and random, so small is very high with the circuit layout. To take into account all requirements, Nanjing rich not at design time, and avoid later embarrassment of lack of furniture and the pattern resulting from the change in the interface.

2, dull wall color

small size General, high lightness and purity of the color. Because of the purity of the color more intense, more first thing; brightness high, malleable on the senses, is what we usually call the "spacious".

3, complex ceiling

small apartment bedroom mostly higher, shape small ceiling decoration should be the first choice, or just not do ceiling. If the ceiling shape too irregular, sense of space will make the smallpox too strongly.

4, area of floor decoration

small-small twists and turns, many for decorative effect, regional sense, using different materials in different areas and heights to be divided, smallpox also joined the chorus, this creates more structure and produce many of the twists and turns of "corridor", causing Visual obstruction and waste of space.

5, rigid partition

small apartment decorating rigid partitions should be used with caution, if not necessary, rigid partition in minimalist, as some need to do, you can consider using a glass partition.

6, dull light

smallpox in simple shape, area boundaries are not strong, which gives the choice and use of lamps caused a great deal of difficulty. People tend to only one or a few main light, too dull. Small space lighting should be the main, the main light to simple ceiling lamp, supplemented by table lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, and more. To emphasis on the functionality of the lamp, layering, different lighting effects can use.

7, too-big furniture

small apartment furniture selection should be based on practical compact, not extra wide choice of furniture and accessories. Buy follow the "Nanjing small not big" principle. Also the storage function. Should choose around the bed with drawers; wardrobe should be narrow and level multiple, such as ties, belts, shirts, coats and so on. Preferably the plan dimensions of the furniture on the drawings, and then select purchase.

8, dismantles the spatial structure

small family structures are generally more complex, a lot of people, no matter how blindly down load-bearing walls, ducts, flues, or do changes of water and electricity and gas. To do so, the light will cause the node, cracks, it will affect the whole building structure and shorten the service life.

9, the blind use of mirrors

mirror reflex for reference and is widely used in tiny spaces, but the rational use of the mirror is not a small problem, makes too much sense of dizziness. Ornament using the to select a suitable location, such as in the dead angle of vision or a dark corner, to block or stripe layout is appropriate. Avoid mirror 22 of the same size, that would make people feel uncomfortable.

10, excessive use of space electronics

refrigerator not, large width, should try to choose moderate lateral, highly tenacious style, limited so as to save floor space, will not affect the food reserves.

as for audio visual equipment, television can select thin light, wall mounted products, minimizing the footprint of TV. So, consider projection equipment, wall design is more concise. Audio equipment installed in the walls and top, you can get good sound, without leaving the ground more complicated trivial area of tension.