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Magical overnight tea dregs clean furniture

Household cleaning tips we accumulate fat sedentary office easily, often after a drunk a cup of warm fragrant tea, digestion cellulite, and warm your body and mind. Many MM know tea overnight to eliminate dark circles, but apart from that it also has what many people don't know the little magical effect.


small overnight tea home clean application


clean household articles


paint-coated doors and Windows, furniture, or is Windows stained with dust, cold tea scrub special bright white.


tea residue to clean mirrors, glass, doors, furniture, plastic cardboard, dirt on the shoes, Scrubs up well.


new wooden furniture, often have the acrid smell of paint, scrub with tea several times, its odor will subside, than the cleaning effect.


clean clothing articles


new clothes or a new cloth, usually have a pungent unpleasant smell, which is caused by the dye, if not removed, wearing it very uncomfortable. Grab a tea burn burning cigarette can be smoked flavor addition.


brightly colored clothes fade after, if tea juice rinse can recover their original color.


a handful of tea, bubble tea to wash wool clothing, you are able to remove dirt, and bright colors.


dark grease stains on clothes, rub tea can stain residue.


they can also be used


bubble tea dry gathering, with bag, is a very good pillow core, sleep soft fragrance, and to fire.


waste tea leaves or burning of bad air in the toilet, you can eliminate the stench.


BREW the tea is dried in the summer twilight, set fire to insect repellent, not only harmless to human beings, and fragrance.


put the tea in a pot, to maintain soil moisture and mud mixture into the pot, and can be used as fertilizer for flowers.