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Debut of new energy-efficient lighting technology world University Games

Remarkable 26th Universiade in Shenzhen, China in full swing. Shine on opening     LED lighting system, brought a top light feast to the whole world, once again shows China in the field of LED lighting led     status. On the Internet for the world's largest LED lighting system evaluation: a pair of extremely colorful works of art.
&Nbsp;   both the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai World Expo, is the ongoing 26th session of the World University Games, each in-country     in large event, there are new technologies in specific fields will appear and drive the development of the corresponding market. China to host the deep     Shenzhen Universiade background are relatively specific, on the one hand this world-class event to the world's young talent show     as shown in China, and attract talent in China, on the background of this Universiade is the global energy crisis, United States     States sovereign debt crisis sweeping the global economy just happened, Energy saving led to become the most important prerequisite for economic development    .
&Nbsp;       network says Mr Liao Hailong of China energy-saving lighting, LED, new energy, new lighting technologies such as intelligent lighting unveiled at the World University     sports, not just in the World Universiade games, its technological innovations in energy-efficient lighting also for domestic public lighting     Facility upgrades to indicate the direction. China's ranking as the world's second largest energy consumption each year in the field of public lighting     consumption alarming if energy-efficient lighting technologies commonly used on the World University Games, on the one hand can make public     lighting the lighting is better, but also substantially reduce energy consumption and to contribute to environmental protection, but also to achieve Twelve-Five     Strategic planning more energy savings, promoting China's economic development to a new level. BACK