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Development trends of Chinese door industry published scale of output or more than 227 billion

"The wooden doors in the industry sector is gradually to industrialization and standardization, which entered a phase of rapid development; steel doors and steel door industry has had rapid development period. Among them, the steel industry has entered a mature stage of industrial restructuring, integration, automatic doors and lifting doors is entering the technology, secondary innovation early in the stage. By the end of 2010, Chinese door industry with an annual production value of RMB 189.193 billion, conservative estimates 2011 production could reach 227 billion. This was held on May 21 at the great Hall of Chinese door industry development research reporting and famous brand Conference on industrial information disclosed for the first time. &Nbsp;

Chinese door industry industry covered the wooden doors, steel doors, steel doors, automatic doors and lifting doors the five categories. This is also first proposed the concept of industry. Cao Hengwu, President of the industry association of China China industry development report doing reading said.  

China industry report revealed that by the end of 2010, door manufacturer in China has exceeded 11,000. Among them, the enterprise nearly more than 4,500 more than the annual output value of more than 10 million Yuan. Chinese door industry outlets nationwide has reached more than more than 96,700 years. Output up to more than 198.6798 million-Tang (set/set), the output value of 189.193 billion yuan, annual profits of 16.081 billion yuan, with exports more than $ 1.5 billion.  

by 2010, China's door has been a national, industry standards more than more than 50 items.  

according to statistics, Chinese door industry since 2006-2010 GDP average annual growth rate of 24%, if this growth rate projections 2011 China industry output reached 234.6 billion, even at the relatively conservative 20%, the output may reach 227 billion.  

Chinese door industry development study shows that "Twelve-Five" during   Chinese door industry will be born a new round of development, energy-saving and environment-friendly products with the sustainable development of China's economy will have greater market space. National affordable housing construction, urbanization and continuous implementation of new rural construction, transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises will also bring more opportunities for the development of industry, and presents the green development, personal development, technology upgrading, brand integration, increase of exports of five major trends.  

"door industry research report on the development of China" by the China construction metal structure Association, China construction and decoration material Association, China's industrial association, China National forest products industry association and other industry management and associated compiled in collaboration with experts. "The report on China's development plans, technology development, production management and marketing can play a positive role." Yao Bing, President of China construction metal structure Association, told China industrial reporter, said in an interview.