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2012 decoration industry trends

&Nbsp;    2011 years is going to last, coming in the new year. Home and decoration industry in 2011, largely affected by the property market slump, the market cooled. Before the Government's macro-economic control and changes in the market structure, many enterprises are faced with shuffle, then 2012 home and decoration industries will make the development trend?


promoting industry development and the urbanization process


faced with tough home market this year, many companies are in deep thought, prospects for the development of domestic industry, where? Future direction and how? From big trends compared with many developed countries of the world, China's urbanization is relatively slow. Urbanization is one of the means needed for the economic development of our country, is into the developing road of cities in rural areas, is also in the process of urbanization an inevitable road. Our country's urbanization level 54%, is still in an important period of development. The CPC Central Committee for formulating national economic and social development of the 12th five-year plan the recommendations highlighted in industrialization and urbanization development in promoting agricultural modernization, building happy lives of farmers home. Ministry of housing policy research centre, the construction of China's urban and rural economic Institute says Chen Huai, Director, China and the United States, the developed economies of Europe the biggest difference is that we are completely within the growing economy. While the process of urbanization to drive at least 20-30 years of strong economic growth in China, this is not for those housing policies to stimulate demand and power. So whether it's for China cabinets or bathroom industry also is the domestic industry as a whole, the urbanization process will promote the development of domestic industry. In the urbanization construction of the journey, all enterprises of the domestic industry should grasp the opportunity to up the proverbial Creek without a paddle, create their own brands.


two or three or two or three lines will continue to spread in the market


in recent years, many companies are talking about "channel down", but the domestic industry channel sink has long been uncertain, sometimes appears and sometimes disappeared, has been unable to implement. I believe that this is the system and the domestic industry as a whole has a direct contact, the entire industry is still not perfect, brand range but not enough, the market share of difficult to disperse, channel, China's large market to segments and other reasons. To achieve brand to penetrate the eastern coastal cities also lets more people use their product, then open up two or three line markets will be an indispensable trend. With China's rapid economic development, has come close to the saturation of the market in the eastern city, thus opening up markets is a priority, two or three lines. An enterprise wants to expand its scope, to do two or three lines in the moderate range market, Po Bo Rodney CEO Chua BEng Huat said, two or three lines the city is an important direction of the next cabinet industry, but also the whole domestic industry concentrated in line, is its future development should focus enter the place. Cabinet industry faces a severe situation this year, cold only short-term fluctuations in the market, in his view, China cabinet industry's prospects are good, the industry will change as the social situation, the growth of economic development, two or three lines spreading and becoming more potential in the market.

       third, the upgrading of the consumption structure brings to industry changes


with the development of the domestic economy, GDP each year to maintain growth in the circumstances, China face brand new upgraded consumption structure, and the upgrading of the consumption structure will bring new changes to the domestic industry. This is mainly reflected in the following points to explain, first of all, the process of urbanization will make rural to urban, and in the process, will inevitably change the way most consumer attitudes as well as. Second housing development is inseparable from the process of urbanization, the construction of commercial housing to improve the living environment and living habits of the people. Third, with the rapid development of the Internet, people's consumption concept also has produced a transformational change. IV with the improvement of living conditions of the people, about the living environment and all have a higher demand, the industrial life of spiritual pursuit. So will focus on humanity to reflect on the industry. Facing such imminent change of consumption structure, domestic industry how to respond? Therefore, in the context of consumption structure, domestic industries will also face product line distribution plans, product design changes planned, channel set up plans and new uses, such as the change of plan. I think businesses should always pay attention to market changes in the consumption structure of the market, grasp market trends, and an orientation.


       four, decoration or for domestic industries to bring change


with the expansion of housing industrialization, refined decoration has become a trend. Especially in first-tier cities in the East, refined decoration real estate processes. It is understood that the 73% decoration appears in first-tier cities property for next year, and from 53% to 73% growth this year, as well as the national real estate regulatory policy, within the next few years as the real estate market downstream of the household enterprises will also face significant market changes. Nine animal husbandry bathroom key account manager Zhang Wei said that future bastion in the face decoration to lose, as a supplier of materials and developer management well decorated room there a break-in period spent in the process, materials developers and developers should communicate and cooperate, and home business and real estate development companies will be become a trend. Facing strong into the decoration trends, household enterprises small and medium businesses face rebuilding shuffle may, I believe that these small and medium enterprises over the past few years to continue to find their own strengths and solutions developed to suit your future development plans and policies. Home industry in China hardcover houses important period of change, to break the siege, grab some market share.


facing the cold this year on home building market, I think the development of China's domestic industry remains full of prospects. Business leaders said the same, home state of the industry now is short-term volatility and long-term development. 3-5 years in the future, is also testing domestic enterprises of all types of important moments. Because China's domestic industry in the Cabinet industry, sanitary industry, such as door and window industry is still in its early stages, after more than 30 years before the development, future still need companies worked hard to grasp the national macro regulation and control policies, and up the proverbial Creek without a paddle.