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Villa decor trends

&Nbsp;     mature person, has its own distinct personality and characteristics, it is its style. Fitting, too, after years of development and experience, various decoration techniques self-contained, presents a variety of styles. With the development of residential decoration, due to the variety of cultures and lifestyles continue fusion, house design and without the presence of pure style, Villa decoration incorporating a variety of decorating styles, decorating the owner and designers focus on creating one.


However, as the villa owners, do you know what kind of style you want? The last couple of years, Villa decoration will be popular kind of style?  

1. cognitive fuzzy  

"Villa decoration, most villa owners do not have a very clear concept. "A significant portion of Villa owners is still stuck in the age of early Villa decoration, expression of Villa just on one or two chop suey-style decoration elements such as Roman columns. Villa market developed rapidly in these two years, the Villa decorated with a new awareness of, but is not particularly mature.  

Although Villa has more than 10 years of development history, but Villa both quantity and in the architectural form of the early, immature, décor is unimaginative. These last two years, Villa market volume growth, Villa market sales, more and more people became "Villa gens", including much of the middle class, most of these villa owners are second-home buyers, or multiple buyers. But Villa has quickly and let them no time to think about how to better reflect the Villa decoration at home, of course, for Villa décor is also one-sided and fuzzy.  

"this part of the villa owners although the Villa dream, but it is still in the original concept of space of city centre apartments, villas for them, just enlarge the space, yet they eagerly enjoying the House and often enjoy the concept of Villa renovated Villa between practicality and a loss. "This limitation of Villa owners often limit the normal choice of Villa. European style about the High Court's Grand, however there is Villa owners have "treasured spaces" construction of the attic or the lower storey, is still confined to the apartment on the functional requirements, will not be able to appreciate the essence of this decorating style.  

it should be said that fledgling market as apartments decorated Villa decoration, needs time to mature. Especially for the villa owners, non-professional, for Villa décor vague is normal, the time they need to think about and learn from.  

2. cozy first  

"Although awareness of the Villa has a certain fuzzy, but one thing, the villa owners should first be clear what kind of house they want. "" Villa decorated like the exquisite style and what is style? Style is responsible for his own life and hobbies. Villa decoration not only reflect the identity, it must first pay attention to comfort, and is the embodiment of style. " 

However, many villa owners did not make that clear. Designers say that most villa owners so eager to divide up functionality, or eager to clear their own villa style, recognized by even obstinately stick to their style of decoration. As for Villa owners, this decoration idea that really need to change it. In these two years, Villa market and rapid development and proliferation of many home buyers, however, most buyers do not have to live in the Villa Villa experience. Has quite more of Villa owners directly from downtown of apartments transition to Villa space, very less realized that himself is face a new of lifestyle, regardless of from live of atmosphere also is live space are and past different, face life of changes they of thought no timely followed up, also in a "small space live who" of thinking mode, suddenly face Villa life Shi, often put Villa life imagine have too noble or too complex, so on appeared a errors, thought Villa life first is because style and exists.  

some villa owners, stubbornly adhere to the wording requirements according to a style of decoration, but too formal. Villa decoration cannot be overemphasized-style, style is a form of things, over time it will change, also vary with the awareness of people, decoration is from life, to human-oriented, puts comfort first.

3. style  

so, today the decoration of the villa style, what does? Villa decoration style can is divided into three big class: a is with obviously regional culture of style, like day type style, and Chinese style, and continental style, and North America style, and Southeast Asia style and so on; II is fashion style, like, people often said of modern style, and Hou modern doctrine style, and simple style, and new classicism style, and natural style and so on; three is is between Qian both Zhijian of fashion style style, like now people by contact to of Eastern Mediterranean style, and Spain style, and Italy style and so on. Those with obvious geographical characteristics of style and fashion style classes can also use themes to summarize, it can be materialized, as Greece style, Thailand style.  

each villa decor along with the development of new elements, and extends out many different categories. For example in recent years to promote simplicity, combined with modern elements, and can be divided into simple European style (modern European style), Jian Zhong style (modern Chinese style, neoclassical), modern minimalist style, and so on. Each style has its own style and elements of the application. Designers say, many decorated in a home when home decor designers talk about the future, a single reference to "classical" or "modern" style. However, they do not understand, where is the specific difference of the classical style and modern style? Your lifestyle and background determine what you are more suitable for decoration. In fact, style is a subtle thing, more difficult. Due to the variety of cultures and lifestyles continue fusion, house design has no pure style and decoration is not only a designer thing, Villa owners should learn to harmony with the designer during the design process of communication. This is a prerequisite for successful design.

4. simple   pop;

so many villa style, exactly which style they fit? Villa decorated in these two years and what kind of style will catch on?  

about villa style choice, not only depends on the owners ' preferences, depending on the nature of the owners live. Daily live, as a second home. Then, as the Villa of daily living, first take into account the functions of daily life, not too artistic, too rural, more practical features. And holiday villas, you can relatively diversified, you can create a different feeling from the daily home. Residence villa style is elegant, modern, and even bring small Chinese style, holiday villas can be rough, natural, rural and even some original flavor. He stressed that Villa décor must take into account local climate, geography, and culture, Villa decorated internal and external coordination, a variety of decorating styles can be mixed, as long as the natural coordination.  

Villa popular decorating styles, designers think that decorating style is going to be mainstream. Architectural styles, community environment and interior decoration style is best able to unify the three. From the villas of the past few years, most are dominated by European-style, so the minimalist style villa is suitable for decorating the owner. Pure European style did not fit, because live people and atmosphere are different, if mechanically but will have the opposite effect, use of some European elements, combined with the modern interpretation, make villa style was dignified, it should be said, this style is the most popular villas decorated in nearly two years in style. With the return of the last couple of years of traditional culture, people are beginning to have a soft spot for Chinese culture, so Villa decorated in modern Chinese style will be recognized and promising, the style used in Jane will let Villa decorated beautifully, taste unique.