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Forecast for 2012 tiles a new trend

&Nbsp;      decorate clothes with the same must bear to catch the trend of the times, is expected in 2012 three KEY tiles a new trend in total.

1. waist line: break the vertical  

        in the past, waist line is always horizontal. But according to the current intelligence shows that waist line will be designed to break the next year, take the road vertical

line. According to professionals, horizontal line, vertical line in the line will be more smooth, but more than the horizontal line sections

material. On the choice of design patterns, simple but elegant tasteful beauty, and with a sense of culture or modern vertical waist line, is the best choice.


2. size: any combination

        uniform, uniform, is used to tile the standard requirements. However, the next year of a new ceramic tile products,

have the same or similar color and pattern, but according to the users preferences, select a different tile, permutation and combination of art, creating

personalized design.   VIVES next year, series of tiles, 10x10, 15x15, 25x40, and several sizes can be

ranging from specifications through different permutations and combinations to create different visual effects.


3. color: metal coffee time

        reported that compared with pure tone of the ever popular coffee shades, latest fashion Brown next year with a metallic Sheen, and

in order to show with a sense of nobility by the metallic Brown, manufacturer or inlaid with pure metal graphics methods, or ceramic tile   coating

metal coatings, to achieve the objective. In contrast color, coffee and India red match, can match a honest and enthusiastic India wind

is the designer is highly recommended. White, black, Walnut-colored lining color, may also shed light on dark brown tile effect. 此

outside, a grayish tint, full of nostalgic atmosphere grey-blue, grey, red, gray and black tiles, as well as popular this year pink, powder blue, powder blue, and

full of feminine pink tiles, an important role is also the trend of the next tile products.

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